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how to clean copper

Copper Care and Cleaning

Care and cleaning of copper is a complicated conversation. Consider the terms: patina, aging, distressed, mottled. It's a unique language, but let's focus on two important concepts: "clean" and "polished."

There's a big difference and here's why. Copper can be a clean surface but still show spots. Polishing will typically remove the spots, but it is likely that new reactions will form.

Cleaning Instructions


We recommend allowing the metal to develop a natural patina based on its use. Therefore, it is best to use cleaning techniques and products that fit best with your household or business.


  • Soft cloth and mild soap
  • Scrub and on occasion with an abrasive sponge
  • Avoid cleaners with ammonia, bleach, or citric acid.

Note: We can provide cleaning advice on your specific needs. Just send us a picture of what you are seeing and we can help you polish, sand or get used to it. E-mail them to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Care Instructions

The biggest issue with copper is understanding that a spot can form from a wide variety of things. The first spots will be fingerprints, water marks and maybe a cleaning agent. It is to be expected and the frequency of the spots will depend on how you are using the surface.


  • Spray cleaners or commercial soaps should be tested to see if they darken the copper.
  • Metal polish such as Brasso can be used to remove any unwanted spots but we do not recommend trying to maintain a polished finish for countertop surfaces.