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copper bar top safety

Copper Safety

Copper is a natural element critical to human health, it can be found in many foods and multivitamins. How safe is it when used as a surface material in your home, restaurant or business?

Copper, on it's own, is not toxic unless you consume high doses of it. Copper, in fact, is naturally anti-microbial so having it around you is a way to help prevent the spread of disease.

When considering copper as a surface material in your home or hospitality project, keep in mind that most food preparation doesn't happen directly on the surface. Can you cut a slice of bread directly on the surface - sure, and you may leave a scratch that is likely to be unnoticeable within a day. Is it better to use a cutting board? Yes, for the food and the knife. Can you eat food that has been directly on the countertop? Yes, but don't throw out your plates.